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Over 170 peer reviewed publications across a range of journals showing research work carried out on the Vapourtec system, plus posters and even magazine articles.

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The data sheets section includes

  • downloadable brochures
  • explanations of various key technical issues (for example axial dispersion)
  • a handy chart showing what pressure must be applied for each solvent to prevent it boiling at elevated temperatures.

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Want know where you can see Vapourtec products at a conference or exhibition near you ?

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Application Notes


Application notes show in detail how a range of reaction types can be executed using the Vapourtec R Series system.

Examples include

  • Suzuki coupling with an immobilised Pd catalyst
  • Biphasic flow (phase transfer catalysis)
  • Nitration
  • Optimisation & Scaleup
  • Gas / Liquid reactions

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The Vapourtec Flow Chemistry newsletter

The Vapourtec newsletter is a bimonthly email.  

It's a must-read source of information for all things related to lab scale flow chemistry.

It features :

  • new publications
  • details of upcoming events
  • product announcements
  • new case studies of interesting companies or groups who have been involved in flow chemistry

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Case Studies

This section shows profiles of companies which are of interest because of their adoption of flow chemistry and the work they have been able to complete because of it.


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