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Reaction Visibility and Heat Transfer




Unique Design

The Vapourtec R Series features a unique system or heating and cooling the reactor.  The reactor is housed in a glass chamber in which air is circulated.   For reaction heating, the air is heated, and for cooling back towards ambient, the air is unheated.


High Visibility

The Vapourtec design enables the user to see the reaction at all times (whether a tube or column reactor is used).   This means it is easy to watch for colour changes or evolution of gases, and also to determine how far through the reactor the event occurred (which aids in future optimisation steps).


High Heat Transfer

Because the reactor has a low thermal inertia and a very high surface area in contact with the moving air, the rate of heat transfer that can be achieved is high (both for heating and cooling).

This means that the system is particularly good at controlling exothermic reactions, and also that it is possible to move rapidly between setpoints when carrying out many successive optimisation experiments.

See test data below, showing the speed of cooling that can be achieved with a column reactor.

 This unique system is especially good when it comes to cooled reactions.


R Sereis showing reactor

Close up of Vapourtec tune reactor



Temperature change is rapid with the Uniqie R Series Design