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R-Series Reactors

 The Vapourtec R-Series platform permits up to 4 reactors of various types to be used together in any configuration, and controls the temperature of each reaction step independently.   Scroll down to see the range of different reactors available.



The Vapourtec Forced Convection Heating and Cooling system

Vapourtec uses a unique method of controlling reactor temperature.

The reactor coil or column is housed inside an insulated  glass manifold, inside which heated or cooled is circulated. 

Up to 4 of these can be clicked onto a single R4 reaction heater.

Coil tube reactors, therefore, do not need to be wound tightly round any sort of former to achieve thermal conductivity, so as a result have little or no physical stress and are also kept at a uniform temperature with no hotspots.  This results in more precise control of reaction temperature and long reactor life.

Reactors can be switched in seconds with no tools.

Reactor manifolds can be changed in seconds

The advantages of the Vapourtec temperature control system are manyfold

  • Temperature is measured at the reactor wall so control is extremely accurate.
  • Because of the low thermal inertia, the systems moves between temperature setpoints extremely quickly
  • For PFA reactors and glass columns, the reaction is fully visible at all times.  (With temperatures above 150oC, however, stainless steel reactors are used)


Available Reactors

UV-150 Photochemical reactor

UV-150 Photochemical reactor

  • Fits both E-Series and R-Series systems
  • Multiple gram / hour scale-up
  • High intensity UV light source
  • User selectable UV power
  • Light source wavelength filtering
  • Temperature control -5°C to 80°C
  • Easily changed reactors
  • Space saving compact design
  • Interlocks ensure safe operation
  • Optional spectrometer for real time monitoring of transmission spectra

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Standard PFA tube reactor

Standard PFA coil tube reactor

  • Ambient to 150oC
  • Standard available sizes 2,5,10ml 
  • Fully resistant to strong acids
  • Also accepts 20ml, 25ml stainless steel reactor coils
  • Also accepts 16ml PTFE coated stainless steel coils
High Temperature stainless steel tube reactor

Standard high temperature coil tube reactor

  • Ambient to  +250oC
  • "Post Cooling" tube to return prodcts to safe temperature before re-entering PFA tubing
  • Standard available sizes 2,5,10ml
  • Material 316L 
  • Hastelloy® C also available (2ml, 4ml)
  • Outside of double insulated manifold safe to touch at all times

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Low Temperature PFA tube reactor

Low temperature PFA coil tube reactor

  • PFA reactor tubing - resistant to strong acids
  • Ambient down to -70oC
  • Reagent  cooling prior to mixer.
  • Cooled mixer
  • Cooled post reaction quench zone
  • Standard available sizes 2,5,10ml
  • Can accept DualCoreTM reactor coils
  • Up to  2 can be used at same time, at different cooled temperatures
  • No icing up

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Standard Column Reactor

 Standard column reactor

  • Ambient  to  +150oC
  • Accepts standard Omnifit glass columns
  • 3 models for different Omnifit size ranges
  • No PEEK used
  • Reaction visible at all time
  • Precise temperature control


Cooled Column reactor

 Cooled column reactor

  •  Ambient down to -40oC
  • Accepts standard Omnifit glass columns 
  • 3 models for different Omnifit size ranges
  • No PEEK used
  • Reaction visible at all time
  • Precise temperature control


Heated Mixer reactor

  • Two reagent inlets
  • Reagents reach target temperature before mixing
  • Internal mixer also held at target temperature
  • Can accept DualCoreTM reactor coils as well as standard PFA single reactor coils

And. like a standard tube reactor:

  • Ambient to 150oC
  • Standard available sizes 2,5,10ml 
  • Fully resistant to strong acids

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Gas / Liquid Reactor

  •  Allows gas to be supplied to a reaction as it is proceeding (rather than pre-dissolved before the main reactor).  This permits hydrogenations at 1M, for example.
  • Proven for O2, CO, H2 , more gases currently being tested.
  • Reaction temperatures up to 150oC
  • Compatible with all existing Vapourtec systems
  • Simple gas management (pressure rather than mass flow control)
  • Up to 4 reactors can be used in series for increased throughput


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 Copper Coil Reactor
  • Available for standard or high temperature coil manifolds
  • 2,5,10ml sizes
  • Suitable for copper catalysed chemistry
  • Other metals available late summer 2011

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  Watch this space

 Vapourtec are continuously innovating to add new features and capabilities to the R Series system.  

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Q What is the maximum volume reactor available
A With PFA tube reactors, it is possible to have a total of 4 x 10ml = 40ml for a single reaction stage.  With stainless steel, however , it is possible to have a total of 4 x 25ml = 100ml.
Q Can I wind my own reactor coils
A No.  Vapourtec insist on fully testing all new reactors at elevated temperature and pressure as part opf the manufacture process.  However, see next question.
Q How many cycles will a reactor last ?

Vapourtec reactors are not consumable items.  They can be (and usually are) used for years without replacement.   Replacement reactors are only required if a reactor become irretrievably blocked by precipitation.