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R-Series Pumping Modules

Vapourtec offer a range of pumping modules, depending on the features required.

Based on the HPLC pump, the Vapourtec pumping module offers several key features.


Pump Monitoring

HPLC pumps are accurate, reliable and offer a large range of flow rates in a single pump without needing to change any parts.  However, failure to wet the pump fully (perhaps when switching between immiscible solvents) or outgassing from reagents may cause small bubbles to firm inside the pump.  With no visible warning, output flow would no longer be accurate.

The Vapourtec system takes care of that.

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Pump Types  

- Standard 

The Vapourtec HPLC pump offers precise flow, with flow rates from 0.010 to 9.99 ml/min .

The standard pump module offers reaction pressures up to 42 bar.  

- Acid resistant

As an option Vapourtec offer the strong acid resistant  R2C module. The Vapourtec acid resistant pump system features some specially developed components.

This can be used to pump (for example) fuming nitric acid or concentrated sulphuric acid, and has been in use in industry doing exactly that since 2009.

All of the required tubing fittings and back pressure regulators to operate a fully acid resistant system are included.

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- High Pressure

For certain applications higher pressures may be required. This pump module features all stainless tubing and manifold, and offwers pressures up to 200bar.

A system with two pump modules can mix high pressure and standard types.

An acid resistant version of this module is not available.

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- Suspension/light slurries

The new module has all the same control and data logging functionality as the standard pump with some additional pumping capabilities...

  • Suspensions and light slurries
  • Ideal for organometallic reagents
  • Metering gases
  • Self priming
  • Strong acids including fuming Nitric Acid
  • The R2-S can be added to an existing two pump system for increased capability

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Expandable up to 4 pumps

The Vapourtec system offers fully integrated control of 1 or 2 pump modules, meaning the system can have up to 4 pumps.

The FlowCommanderTM software integrates all 4 pumps ensuring reagent peak matching in even the most complex reactor layouts.



More details (including details of the sort of things a user might need 4 pumps for) here



Different Pump Module Options

The different pump options available can be seen below.

A system can include a 2 channel module plus (optionally) another one or two channel module, meaning 2, 3 or 4 channels in total.

  Number of channels Sample Injection Loops Strong acid resistance Max Reaction Pressure
R1 1 No No 42 bar
R1 Plus 1 Yes No 42 bar
R1 C 1 No Yes 42 bar
R1 C Plus 1 Yes Yes 42 bar
R1 HP 1 No No 200 bar
R1 HP Plus 1 Yes No 200 bar
R2 2 No No 42 bar
R2 Plus 2 Yes No 42 bar
R2 C 2 No Yes 42 bar
R2 C Plus 2 Yes Yes 42 bar
R2 HP 2 No No 200 bar
R2 HP Plus 2 Yes No 200 bar





 Q  Does the acid resistant system have a lower upper pressure limit than the standard system ?
 A No, it has the same maximum as the standard system.  There are no compromises if you choose acid reistance
 Q Can I specify 2 x R1 instead of 1 x R2 ?
 A Put simply, there is no good reason to do this.  It would be no cheaper, have twice the footprint, and would limit future expansion possibilities
 Q Can I upgrade to acid resistance or sample injection loops later ?
 A Sample injection loops, no.  Acid resistance yes but it will involve an on site visit or a return to base, both of which would be more costly than specifying the acid resistance at initial order time.
Q Can I mix pump module types in one system ?
A Yes, but note that the first (primary) module must have 2 pumps