The Modular, Expandable R Series |

R Series Expansion Options


The Vapourtec R Series flow chemistry system has been designed to grow with your needs. 

The system can be expanded step by step as your budget allows, and as your work requires.  Scroll down for more details.

And the best bit ?     None of your investment along the way will ever be wasted.  If you buy the simplest system now, no future options are off the table.


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R4 Reactor System

It's possible to start out with just an R4 Flow Reactor at first, using separate pumps.

The features offered by the R4 include.

  • 4 separately controllable temperature zones
  • Each zone can take a column or tube reactor
  • -70 to 250 oC  temperature range
  • Complete reaction visibility at all times
  • Excellent control of strong exotherms

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Add an R2+ Pump Module

Sophisticated 2 channel pump control. 

  • Continuous monitoring for air bubbles in pump
  • Sample injection loop facility
  • Collection valve to switch from waste to collect
  • Valves to switch each channel from solvent to reagent
  • Stackable, so no increase in footprint, 35 cm x 28 cm (W x D)

This configuration is known as the  R Series System

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Add Flow Commander Software


Add advanced control software to stand alone system

  • Speed up experimental setup and gather data
  • Optimise reagent use with automatic dispersion calculations
  • Control equipment remotely if required


R Series System with a laptop

Use own PC...

Choose how to run the control software:

  • Utilise existing equipment by hosting on your own PC
  • Save fume hood space with embedded touch screen interface

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(Note that the embedded touch screen is a recent addition.  Existing users can upgrade to this if required.  Click here for more details

R Series with built in Flow Commander Interface

... or use embedded touch screen interface


Add a Fraction Collector

 Automate any number of unattended reactions.

  • Wide range of fraction collectors supported
  • Choose how many vials to collect for each reaction
  • Take separate analytical samples from each fraction if required

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R Series with Fraction collector and embedded interface

Add extra Reagent Channels

Add one or two extra channels (up to maximum total of 4), enabling more complex reaction scenarios.

  • Use up to 4 separate reagents
  • Carry out multi- step reactions
  • Make partial additions to improve selectivity
  • Automate catch and release reactions
  • Online quenching
  • Aqueous workup
  • Catalysts column regeneration

Click here for more details of what thuis makes possible.

R Series with 4 pumps, fraction collector and embedded controller

Add an Autosampler

Load different reagents for each reaction cycle if required.

  • Up to 4 reagent loops can be fed, with volumes between 0.5 and 10ml per injection.
  • Autosampler can also be used as a fraction collector at the same time.
  • Automate generation of libraries
  • Screen reagents or catalysts.

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Note - the picture (right) shows a 2 channel system but up to 4 channels can be loaded this way.

R Series with Autosampler and embedded interface

Add a Sensor

Use either UV or FTIR to characterise reaction output

  • Gather data from sensor in FlowCommander software
  • Choose criteria to trigger automatic collection of peaks


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Fully Acid Resistant System

The R Series System is also available in a configuration that can handle strong acids (concentrated sulphuric, fuming nitric, for example).  For more information, click  here


What Next ?

Vapourtec are continually developing new functionality and features which will be compatible with existing systems already out there (either as upgrades or add ons).

If you'd like to be kept up to date with future developments, click here to signup for the Vapourtec Newsletter.  It is sent out by email bimonthly.  (Your email address will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other party and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time).

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