Vapourtec R Series Control Options |

 Control Options


The Vapourtec R Series system offers a range of control options :



The Built In Interface

The simplest control option is to use the built in interface.  

This allows rapid and precise selection of flow rate  for each of up to 4 pump channels and temperature, each of up to 4 reactors.

Realtime parameter values are displayed in large bright characters that are easily visible across the lab.  

Even if more advanced control options are used (see below), this display will always show parameter values.


Flow Commander TM

When more power is required, Flow Commander delivers.  

  • Can be hosted on either your own PC or an option Touchscreen with embedded controller (shown, right)
  • Permits the automation of any number of experiments.
  • Enables logging, charting, reporting, saving and sharing of reaction setup and data.
  • Includes "Dispersion modelling" which predicts when steady state product may be collected, saving reagents.
  • Enables further system expansion
  •   Developer API permits external software to control FlowCommander
  •   Remote access to instrument possible via network from PC, smartphone or tablet.

More details here


Flow Wizard - Open Access interface

New in 2011, this alternative interface gives the walk up user an easy way to set up and run simple flow experiments without the full training.  

For users who opt for FlowCommanderTM hosted on the Touchscreen, this option is included free.


Mode details here