Vapourtec R-Series Flow Chemistry System |

The R-Series Integrated Flow Chemistry System


For the scientist who needs...

  • best in class performance and power but ease of use and an easy learning curve
  • a simple entry level but the capability to upgrade if required for whatever the future might bring
  • the flexibility to deal with a wide range of different reaction scenarios, with easy reconfiguration
  • the reassurance of a system chosen by all the major pharma companies, and mentioned in more than 170 peer reviewed publications to date 

... the Vapourtec R-Series is simply unrivalled.


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The R-Series supports a range of different reactor types, all interchangeable in seconds.

  • Heated or cooled
  • Tube or column
  • Polymer, stainless steel or   Cu / Ag / Zn tube reactors for catalysed reactions.
  • Gas / Liquid 
  • Up to 4 reaction steps as standard


Details of Reactors



Pump Modules

Simple, accurate and & reliable pumping of all reagents, including

  • volatile solvents
  • highly reactive reagents (e.g. BuLi, DIBAL)
  • strong acids

Choose from 2,3 or 4 pump system, or start with 2 and add more later.

All pump modules come with Vapourtec's continuous monitoring system to ensure displayed flow rate is always accurate.  

Details of Pump Modules




Choose from simple push button front panel or easy to use touchscreen based "FlowCommander" software.

Flow Commander will

  • automate the mundane
  • run a list of reactions unattended
  • log, save and chart data
  • predict dispersion
  • save reaction setup for later re-use or sharing
  • export system diagrams for reports and publications

It also comes with the alternative "Flow Wizard" interface which is optimised for occasional walkup use

Details of control options    




The R-Series system can grow to suit your needs.

The basic system can be expanded to include

  • extra pumps
  • fraction collector
  • autosampler which can inject different reagents into each one of a list of automated unattended reactions
  • UV sensor (which can be used to trigger collection of product peaks)
  •  Integration with METTLER TOLEDO FlowIR system (which can be used to trigger collection of product peaks)

  All new developments are backwardly compatible, so even systems from 2007 can accept all the latest capabilities.

R Series with 4 pumps, fraction collector and embedded controller

R Series with 4 pumps, UV, Fraction collector

 Details of expansion options       
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Technology moves on.

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