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FlowCommander ™ provides complete automation of the Vapourtec R Series platform and associated external equipment.

The busy scientist thus gets the most out of the R Series platform and captures the maximum amount of data.

By automating all the mundane set up and calculation steps, FlowCommander ™ allows more to get done quicker, in a more structured and reproducible fashion

  • Design reactor and tubing layouts with a simple graphical tool 
  • Log and store data for producing charts and reports
  • Save experiments enabling precise repetition and sharing
  • Run long duration optimisation series unattended
  • Automate low-level system calculations and routine tasks, reduce human error 
  • Instantly scale up proven reactions by simply changing to a larger reactor type
  • Interface to detection, auto samplers and fraction collection systems


  Developer API permits external software to control the R Series system via FlowCommanderTM by making high level requests.

More details here.


Flow Commander ™ can be hosted either on a separate laptop or on an embedded touch screen controller, as shown below.


Built in embedded touch screen

Laptop running Windows


Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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