The Vapourtec V3 Pump |

Reagent Pumping on the Vapourtec E-Series System


The V3 Pump

One of the key developments that makes the E-Series system possible is the revolutionary V3 pump.

The V3 is a continuous pump which offers

  • smooth output flow
  • self priming
  • robustness, including tolerance of
    • strong acids
    • light suspensions
    • air or moisture sensitive reagents
    • consecutive non miscible reagents


The V3 has a maximum output pressure of 10 bar which is available across the entire range of flow rates, from 0.10ml/min to 10ml/min.


The V3 not only contributes to the E-Series robustness but also to it's ease of use.  Whereas some pumps require reagents to be pressurised, and some require manual priming, the V3 removes the need for both of these.   Priming is automated, requiring just a single push of a button.


Click here to see an paper giving examples of E-Series reactions using the E-Series



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