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E-Series Configurations


The E-Series range includes a number of different models.

Each model is available in 2 or 3 pump configuration but a 3rd pump upgrade is available as an easy to install upgrade for 2 pump systems.

Every model comes equipped with all you need to start using it immediately but there are a number of add ons available for different kinds of chemistry, and of course the whole range of reactors developed for the R-Series system is compatible with the E-Series.

The easy-Scholar

The easy-Scholar is the simplest of the E-Series systems and is specifically aimed at a teaching environment.  

It has a simple interface which allows the user to set flow rates and temperatures for each pump and reactor, and also includes some simple "tools" to assist with calculation of timings, dispersion and reaction acceleration with increased temperature.

2 pump easy-Scholar

3 pump easy-Polymer

The easy-Polymer

The easy-Polymer is a system aimed at polymer and nanoparticle synthesis.

Because the V3 pump is tolerant of particles, it is useful for feeding suspensions.

The Polymer has a more sophisticated user interface, based in part on the FlowWizard interface available on the high end R-Series system, and includes a collection valve system to separate required product outout from waste.

Because continuous polymerization frequently involves the need to totally exclude oxygen during the reaction (and at some very low level level, PFA tubing permits inward diffusion of gases) , the easy-Polymer includes a 316 stainless steel reactor coil.

The easy-Medchem

The easy-Medchem is aimed at chemists looking to explore chemical reactions and then do initial scale-up.

The robustness and convenience of the E-Series pumping system (push button pump priming, simple interface, ready to use instantly) make it the ideal tool for rapid investigation of possible reactions.  

Access to the whole range of R-Series reactors allows the user to access a wide range of chemistry including gas/liquid, high temperature and cryogenic reactions.

The easy-Medchem system comes with not only a tube reactor, but also a column reactor for solid supported catalysts or reagents.

It also includes as standard the "Organometallic Chemistry Kit", which includes tubes and needles required to provide an inert gas blanket (via a septum) to each air or moisture sensitive reagent.


3 pump easy-Medchem with cooled reactor system

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