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The E-Series Integrated Flow Chemistry System


The E-Series flow chemistry system represents a true breakthrough :

  • Robust
    • Pumps which can handle strong acids, air and moisture sensitive reagents, and even light suspensions
  • Easy to use
    • Simple intuitive touchscreen interface
    • Push button pump priming
    • ready to use straight out of the box
  • Affordable
    • About the same cost as a lab microwave synthesizer


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The Vapourtec E-Series system




The E-Series supports the full range of R-Series reactors, all interchangeable in seconds.

  • Heated or cooled
  • Tube or column
  • Polymer, stainless steel or   Cu / Ag / Zn tube reactors for catalysed reactions.
  • Gas / Liquid 
  • 2 reaction steps, separately temperature controllable


Details of Reactors



The V3 Pump

Simple, accurate and & reliable pumping of all reagents, including

  • volatile solvents
  • highly reactive reagents (e.g. BuLi, DIBAL)
  • strong acids
  • light suspensions

Choose from 2 or 3 pump system, or start with 2 and add a third later.


Details of Pump




The E-Series range offers a number of different configurations for different scenarios.  

Every E-Series comes with a touchscreen interface, mounted at an ergonomically optimal height with full tilt ajustment.

The different configurations of system come with different user interface capabilities, however.

Details of available system configurations  
Details of control options    


The E-Series base models can be expanded with a range of different accessories.

Each optional kit is user installable.



Details of upgrade options


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