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September 2014 Continuous Flow Synthesis of Thien[2,3-c]isoquinolin-5(4H)-one Scaffold: A Valuable Source of PARP-1 Inhibitors
August 2014 Glycosylation with N-Acetyl-Glycosamine Donors Using Catalytic Iron(III) Triflate: from a Microwave Batch Chemistry to a Scalable Continuous-Flow Process
May 2014 Novel reactions only under flow conditions
May 2014 Cutting edge flow and photochemistry on show in Budapest
February 2014 Vapourtec launches the innovative UV-150 Photochemical reactor
February 2014 Vapourtec installs 200th R-Series system at University of Manitoba, Canada
December 2013 The Vapourtec R-Series and E-Series can be equipped with a novel, patented cryogenic reactor. 110 labs worldwide are now using this innovative cooling system for their important research.
November 2013 Two important additions have been made to the R-Series systems, a larger touch panel and the capability for remote networking.
November 2013 Vapourtec celebrates the joint milestones of 10 years in business and Vapourtec's innovative systems being mentioned in over 100 peer reviewed publications.
October 2013 In conjunction with the New Synthetic Methods Group at the University of Connecticut Vapourtec has developed a set of laboratory teaching materials for flow chemistry including practical teaching experiments.
August 2013 The Ley Group at Cambridge University has published a telescoped manufacturing route for Tamoxifen using the E-Series to pump and react Grignard reagents.
February 2013 The number of peer-reviewed publications featuring the Vapourtec R-Series system is now more than 100.
October 2012 University of Montreal makes a substantial investment in Vapourtec flow Chemistry
August 2012 Vapourtec launches new E-Series flow chemistry system
July 2012 The number of peer-reviewed publications featuring the Vapourtec R-Series system passes 75
May 2012 First continuous flow hydrogenation publication using Vapourtec gas reactor
March 2012 Vapourtec unveils high pressure pumping module
January 2012 Max Planck Institute announces new low cost synthesis route for anti-malarial drug using Vapourtec system and photo reactor
July 2011 Inert gas manifold added to all new R Series systems
May 2011 Gas / Liquid reactor unveiled
March 2011 Vapourtec Asia office in Kuala Lumpur opens for business
January 2011 Vapourtec sell 100th R Series system
September 2010 First cooled column launched
May 2010 Vapourtec announce capability to pump organometallic reagents such as Butyl Lithium continuously in a reliable and stable fashion.
March 2010 Vapourtec announce planned move to new premises
January 2010 New cooled reactor module capable of -70oC launched
November 2009 Acid resistant system (capable of running true nitrations) announced
September 2009 New touch screen interface option available
July 2009 Vapourtec sell 50th R Series system
June 2009 R Series launched in USA
May 2009 Copper reactor for catalysed "Click" chemistry now available
March 2009 Support for autosampler announced
January 2009 Vapourtec to offer rental of Flow Chemistry Systems

November 2008

Vapourtec announce support for up to 4 pumped channels


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